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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 00:33

We have honor to offer you flash butt welding of rails on the equipment of own manufacturing - Mobile flash butt welding set MPCK-400.

Mobile flash butt welding set MPCK-400 is intended for contact butt welding in field conditions continuous and pulsing welding of rails the area of cross-section from 6500 мм2 to 10000 мм2 with flash trimming after welding.

The complex corresponds to the requirements shown to modern and perspective technologies of welding of rails regarding quality of welding, productivity, the control welding process and material losses.

Application sphere - at new building, reconstruction and major repairs tram and tracks.

МРСК-400 Is based on welding machine of pendant type К355АМ intended for flash butt welding of rails in field conditions (the given working out is protected by the patent of the Russian Federation №2366550).

In a car body are located: power stations, welding machine, lift and other auxiliaries.

















Offered works:

1. It is sharp rails in the necessary size, with the account of strict perpendicularity.

2. Cleaning the ends of welded rails before welding.

3. Welding.

4. Polishing of a place of welding (joint) on all perimeter of a rail in a welding place.

Cost of an offered complex of works, at calculation on one welded joint - contractual.

Guarantee on all kinds of the executed works - 3 years.

All works are spent according to specifications on welding of rails.

Advantages long rails ways it is indisputable. So, besides very high qualities of connection of rails the customer receives economy on materials of the top fastening of a way at packing of rails. Further there is also a considerable economy on service of the given site of a way, and also term of wear resistance of wheel pairs a rolling stock considerably increases.

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