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Cooling plant is designed as monoblock (metal frame with protective decorative quick-detachable panels). The plant is equipped with five unions ?1" (four unions for input connections of hydraulic oil and water supply pipes to heat exchangers, and one for fluid filling-up) and ball valve for drain of fluid from the vessel.

There is a control panel in the plant with programmable electronic processor for setting and automatic maintaining of required temperature in the vessel, as well as for indication of operation and emergency situations occurring in the plant.


Cooling plant includes:

  • pressure-tight spiral compressor equipped with shutoff valves on suction and supply pipes, cranкаkcase heating and peephole for visual oil level control;

  • air cooling condenser;

  • laminar heat exchanger - evaporator (heat exchanging surface is made of stainless steel);

  • receiver with shutoff valves and thermal fuse;

  • thermoregulating valve, drying filter, pressure relay, solenoid valve, peephole;

  • plastic heat-insulated vessel;

  • water pump;

  • two laminar heat exchangers for water and oil;

  • two solenoid valves regulating supply of cold water to heat exchangers;

  • electronic processor-based automatic control system providing for setting and automatic maintaining of the required fluid temperature and protecting the plant from emergency modes of operation.

Properties of fluids being cooled

Fluid being cooled



System input temperature, °С



System output temperature, °С



Liquid flow, m3/h



Heat load, kW



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