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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 17:08

Due to our solid production capacities, we produce and supply all parts and components for К922 Series suspension type rail-welding machines.

Spare parts delivery is performed according to part catalogues for this type of equipment.

Typically, these are spare parts for the units subject to most intensive wear and therefore being in great demand: upset rod, central shaft and sleeve, suspension, clamping grips, flexible busbars, cross-pieces, furnace leads, flash trimmer blades, spark protection panels and industrial rubber goods in sets (scrapers, seals, wiper seals, etc.).

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We also offer power equipment like welding transformers and autotransformers.

We produce flexible busbears for all types of butt-welders (contact flash welders, seam welders, spot welders, projection welders), including parts per customer drawing.

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