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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 17:17

"Baltresurs Ltd" offer repair services for К1000 Series stationar type rail-welding machines

The repaired/renovated equipment is completely restored to its original conditions.

Services offered per unit:

1. Fixed column

Manicacture and replacement

1.1.      Gearbox of horizontal travel

1.2.      Shutters (set) К1000.01.16.000.SB

1.3.      Furnace leads   (the upper and the lower )

1.4.      Busbar (upper and lower)

1.5.      Flexible busbars … 450 – 460 (set)

1.6.      Insulation К1000.01.00.001

2. Moving column

Manicacture and replacement

2.1.      Flash trimmer К1000.01.15.000 (limit stops, plates, blades, guides, cylinders)

2.2.      Furnace lead К1000 03.00.200 (lower) … 600 (upper)

2.3.      Gearbox of vertical travel

2.4.      Replacement of bronze sleeves in the casings

2.5.      Scraper 3-120

2.6.      Door cylinder

3. Control cabinet

3.1. Manufacture and replacement with a new one

4. Power panel

4.1. Manufacture and replacement with a new one

5. Pumping station

5.1. Troubleshooting and replacement of hydraulic components, indicators and gauges, complete replacement of electric wiring.

*  As an option (by additional agreement) – manufacture of a new hydraulic station.


6. Additional

Manicacture and replacement

6.1.      Spacers К1000.02.00.008…008-01; 033…033-01

6.2.      Centralizers К1000Б 05.00.000

6.3.      Displacement encoder К1000А 01.02.000

6.4.      Upset cylinders К1000. 01.01.000

6.5.      Fabric-based laminate insulation (in sets)

6.6.      Industrial rubber goods (in sets), including articles by Parker

6.7.      Pressure gauges

6.8.      Hydraulic components on the machine

6.9.      Metalwear

6.10.     Shafts

6.11.     Door mechanisms

6.12.     Fume offtake

6.13.     Shims under spacers

6.14.     High pressure sleeves assembly for the machine and SPAT

As an option (by additional agreement), a closed-loop self-contained cooling system for all circuits of the welding set (BXTO-16 type) can be supplied.

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